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Dynamic DNS at times is difficult to impliment auto updaters when your router does not connect directly to the internet.  Take for example, your cable company may require you to use there router.  Now you may be able to have them settup port forwarding for a DMZ to your router.  But your router will still not have an interface that connects directly to the internet.  The cable company's router will still perform NAT operations.  Because of this if you enable dyndns on your router, it will update your dynamic DNS with your internal IP and not external IP.  That's where my site helps out.  My site will allow you to proxy, the update request and forward it on to the service you wish and my site will provide them with your correct public IP.   My site support supports both secure and non seucre update URL strings.  Please let me know how helpfull this site was or is for you by leaving a message at: http://www.gagedigital.com/contact.php

Enter the dynamic DNS update url sting below.  Replace {ip} at the location the new IP address needs to be located in the address at.   This will be the output string that you will place into your router.   In turn you will get correct updates.


Cisco Enterprise Router users click here.
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Custom Options:
Disable HTTPS support
Use self signed certificat.
Use IPv6 suppport.
Direct to IP. (not recomended)
Enable Proxy Mode.
Frequently Asked Questions.
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